5 Best things to do in Jaisalmer

5 Best things to do in Jaisalmer

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5 Best things to do in Jaisalmer

Top activities in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is about as far to the west as most people travel. It’s sweltering, dry, and remote. What then draws people to a city that is a short distance from the Pakistani border? The “Golden City,” as it has become known, is a magnificent location. The city’s heart is dominated by a sizable fort that looks down onto the sun-drenched homes from atop a hill. A popular tourist destination for camel safaris and jeep trips is a set of dunes close to the city.

Best things to do in Jaisalmer:

Visit Fort Jaisalmer to take the actual taste of an outstanding view

Visiting the Jaisalmer Fort is one of the first things to do in Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer Fort is free to enter, unlike many Indian forts that charge up to 800 rupees. This is due to the neighborhood’s similarity to others, despite being located inside a grand, ancient fort. As a result, there are no closing or opening hours, no security personnel, and a casual attitude inside.

Usually, a fort would be bustling with visitors, guards, tickets, and bureaucracy, but this one feels more like a neighborhood. Although it didn’t seem like shopping was one of the most popular activities in Jaisalmer, the city produces some exquisite fabrics and crafts sold throughout India.

The Temple of Jain can give you the ultimate peace of mind.

The Jain Temple is located inside the Jaisalmer Fort. There are numerous temples all around India. The multi-level, multi-room temple has incredible attention to detail. Research revealed one wall over an interminable period, making it difficult to imagine someone laboriously carving such a fantastic work. In the temple, hundreds of Buddha statues are there.

Even though it’s a little hidden away, it’s close to the main parking lot, and there are plenty of signs and friendly store owners to take you there. Although the Jaisalmer Fort is a bit of a maze, occasionally getting lost is enjoyable. One of the most excellent things to do in Jaisalmer is to visit the Jain Temple.

You can visit Bagh Bada to make your trip more memorable.

When you reached in the middle of the morning, the entrance price was 100 rupees, and there were no tourists at the location. Bada Bagh is a graveyard. It used to be the sole green space in the vicinity at certain times of the year after the founder of Jaisalmer ordered the construction of a dam to establish water storage at the location years ago.

? Lake Gadi Sagar will give you some mesmerizing views.

You have to get up early in the morning to see some color and enjoy the good sentiments around the Gadi Sagar Lake, but we also got up early to beat the oppressive Jaisalmer sun. Unfortunately, there was little sunrise, but we could observe elderly guys playing with stray dogs and sitting by the lake, as well as the giant catfish of the lake receiving some chapati from the residents.

The rooftop café will be the best place to take a hot coffee

There are numerous options available. Finding a cafe within a building is more complex than climbing to the top to take in the sights. Our hotel, Hotel Pleasant Haveli, has a great layout, cozy, cheerful couches, and a wide selection of meals. In Jaisalmer, dining at a rooftop restaurant is a must-do activity.

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