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Experience the Best Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

Sam, 45 kilometres from Jaisalmer city, is home to the Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp, a unique top desert camp experience. Every moment you set foot on Jaisalmer’s infinite stretch of golden, sun-kissed sands in Rajasthan, you’ll feel the place’s relaxing stillness and tranquilly wash over you. A totally unmatched experience of the desert in its natural state is promised by the camp.

In the evening, you can ride colorfully caparisoned camels escorted by ethnically costumed butlers as you start your journey over miles of sparkling sand dunes up to the sunset. One can only watch in awe as the sun starts to set and casts an ember halo over the desert horizon while lying on the dunes. Everyone can enjoy staying at a desert camp when visiting Jaisalmer.

Ideal for enjoyment and rest, the desert camp in Jaisalmer provides quick access to the city’s must-see locations because to its accessible position. At this Jaisalmer desert camp, you from a plethora of unmatched services and amenities. Guests receive our services around-the-clock while staying at this fantastic hotel. You can take use of the massage’s calming environment at any time of the day. Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp is great in many aspects thanks to its location and amenities.

Explore All New Jaisalmer Desert Camp with Us

Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp is here to provide you with some of the most incredible experiences you’ve never had before in the Thar Desert Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer. We provide you the most fantastic Jaisalmer Tour packages, incredible tourist attractions, and mysterious locations that no other travel agency can. It’s just not the Jaisalmer Desert Camp. In addition to the luxury Swiss Tent, there are many other options that can guarantee you the most enjoyable vacation of your life. Visit us and you will gain a new perspective on this lovely Golden city that you will always fascinate with your loved ones. We are known for our exceptional service and first-rate facilities.

Adventures You Shouldn’t Miss

Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp, which is situated in a lovely environment, was established with the goal of providing superior service to its esteemed customers. Our service goes beyond simply supplying you with sand dunes’ allure and charisma. Instead, we put an emphasis on giving you access to some daring activities like:

  • Jeep Safari
  • Camel Ride
  • Paramonitoring
  • Folk Dance
  • Desert Bike Riding

Therefore, when visiting Rajasthan, make the most of your trip. Give us a call if you have any questions or would want to get to know us better. We are only here to help you. Discover amazing packages that you can’t help but buy. In addition, we’ll explain how you might get the most from Jaisalmer’s preserved traditional culture and rituals. The camp staff will continue to provide you with excellent service and first-rate amenities, and they will be aware if you ever have the slightest chance to choose a hotel.

Give us a call at +919413986639 right away to learn more about some of our captivating packages and enjoy your visit.

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