Best luxury Desert Safari Camp

Best luxury Desert Safari Camp

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luxury desert safari camp

Best luxury Desert Safari Camp

Luxury Desert Safari Camp Sam, Jaisalmer

An enthralling experience

When you think of spending a wonderful time during vacation, it is always the hill station which strikes our imagination. For a change, consider a desert area. Desert is not always a difficult place to live.  It has a different side where are there numerous options to enjoy.  You can hop on to the camel or jump into the jeep to explore the desert area.  You will be amazed to see the sunrise and the sunset.  You will forget the surrounding looking at the stars at night. To enjoy all these activities, Jaisalmer famously called as the golden city will be the best picking. Sam sand dunes, which are located at a distance of about 45 km from Jaisalmer, will offer us a thrilling experience.

Luxury Safari in Jaisalmer provide us with a wonderful and comfortable stay. You must be choosy in picking up the proper camp. Otherwise, you may end up in selecting a place which is noisy, providing us with bad food, unhealthy atmosphere etc. Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp In To have a comfortable stay, do proper research on the facilities available in the camp area. You can opt for better camps based on your budget.

If you are a person who spends generously to experience complete happiness, then you can select a camp which offers maximum comfort. The Luxury Desert Safari Tent is one such camp which is made on the area of around thirty acres in the Great Thar Desert.  You can have a comfortable stay with tents of thousand square feet with the exterior relaxing area, a spacious bedroom and a bathroom provided with western style toilet. Are you interested in spending more quality time?  Then you can even book a private spa, outdoor Dunes, and dining and lounge suits in this camp. They are available from September to March every year. There are three different options to enjoy: Tented suite (Rs.4000), Luxury tented suite (Rs.5050), Royal tented suite (Rs.7850) per night.

Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp As Do you want similar facilities at an affordable cost?  Then select Desert royal camp in Jaisalmer. Here, you can satisfy your appetite with the best Rajasthani dishes. The atmosphere in the camp will be filled with excitement during the event of the campfire where we can have fun by watching puppet shows, music, dance, camel parades etc. Their price range is based on the seasonality. The off-season prices are Rs.2700 for luxury tent and Rs.3500 for Swiss tent. These prices increase to Rs.7500 (Luxury tents) and Rs.6500 (Swiss tents) during peak season.

To have a real feeling of being in a desert stay at the camps which are set in the rural village. These camps are usually present at a shorter distance from the sand dunes. The well -known camp of this type Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp. Here you can get a traditional village feel as most of the people employed are from local villages and the rooms are designed in a traditional manner. This kind of camps is more serene comparing to other camps. There will be only a few specific events such as puppet shows and Rajasthani dance. You can enjoy camel safaris in private sand dune areas. In this location, stargazing will be more enjoyable. With these facilities, the cost is also reasonable at 10000 rupees per night.

Are you interested in undertaking adventurous activities in the desert area?  Choose The Golden camp which provides us the opportunity to get involved in adventurous activities such as dune bashing, camel safari, elephant safari.

Sometimes, you feel like being alone getting completely immersed in the beauty of nature. To experience this, must visit Sheesh Mahal  Desert Camp. It is one of the largest luxury camps in Jaisalmer present in the Sam sand dunes. These camps are located separately far away from the cluster of other desert camps. The best part of this camp is that it is located just beneath the sand dunes. Watching sunrise and sunset will be more amazing. The people working here are more comfortable and more cordial. We are expected to pay 7000 rupees per night.

Are you know about the city of Jaisalmer like which types of culture and deserts are having this city as a tourist, not pilgrims.

There are a few camps which offer unique experiences. One such camp is Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp resorts where there are special cultural performances by famous dance artists.

To book your place in one of these camps, you need not to worry. Online booking facilities are available on their websites. Visit a luxury Desert Safari in Jaisalmer and have a great vacation!!!

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