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Museums in Jaisalmer

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Museums in Jaisalmer

Museums in Jaisalmer: Major Tourist Attractions

Jaisalmer, not-to-miss destination in North India, is an epitome of rich heritage and culture of the Rajasthan state. Besides major historical edifices, even beautiful museums of the city define the true legacy of the state and the town and act as tourist hubs. Of late, tourists prefer visiting some of the famous museums of the city to soak culture of the state to the fullest.

Government Museum of Jaisalmer

Located at the extreme western side of the Jaisalmer Fort, the Government Museum was opened for the general public in 1984 and houses 72 magnificent stone sculptures, 13 ancient paintings, 65 ancient coins, hundreds of exquisitely designed embroidered dresses and 8 rare inscriptions. The museum displays marine and wooden fossils of wildlife of neighboring areas, which are as old as 150 million years. 12  century sculptures of Lodurva and Kiradu are another source of attractions of this museum.

Folklore Museum

Being slated as one of the most popular tourist attractions, Folklore museum is situated on the banks of Gadsisar Lake.  Found 3 decades ago, the museum draw major attention of tourists as it displays ancient paintings, manuscripts, post cards, artifacts and old coins. Exhibiting royal and rich cultural history of Jaisalmer, the magnificent architecture of the museum mesmerizes everyone- from children to adults. The museum has six sections: Fossils, Jewelry, Photographs, Coterie of Paintings, Costumes, Ornaments of Camel and Horse. Not to mention, all these sections are major highlights of the Folklore museum.

Desert Cultural Center and Museum

History lovers cannot miss to visit Desert Cultural Center and Museum, which is situated in proximity to the Jaisalmer city centre. The museum is dotted with large collection of musical instruments, traditional jewelry worn by women, old coins and currency, ancient hunting gear of men, etc.  The puppet show at 6:30 pm is the center of attraction of this place, where visitors love purchasing puppets as souvenirs.

The Thar Heritage Museum

History enthusiasts will love exploring the Thar Heritage Museum, which is located near Gandhi Chowk in Jaisalmer. The museum displays manuscripts, weapons, photographs, ancient coins and musical instruments.

Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum

Originally a royal residence, Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum is located inside the Fort Palace and later on is converted to a heritage center and museum. The visitors visit this museum to explore exotic collection of artifacts, which act as testimony of culture of Jaisalmer.

So, if you are planning to visit Jaisalmer and have earnest desire to explore all these museums, Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp will make all arrangements in affordable budget.

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