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Camel Safari

Ride Through Jaisalmer Desert on a Camel Safari

A desert vacation in India is never complete without the Camel Safari in Jaisalmer. A popular activity among desert tourists, the Camel Safari with Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp offers a never-before camping experience under the star-studded night sky. The expansive desert in Jaisalmer might look isolated and sparsely populated. Still, it holds a vibrant tapestry of culture and incredible beauty. A Camel Safari is one of the sure ways to explore the customary yet straightforward lifestyle of the nomadic people inhabiting here over generations. Don’t you feel thrilled to explore Camel Safari’s rich offerings?


Several Goodies of the Jaisalmer Desert Safari

India’s desert covers the northwest part of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, famous for the Thar Desert. Tourists can conveniently enjoy camping fun in the desert with Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp, a popular choice among the stay options that offer excellent benefits. Create a unique camping experience living in Swiss Tents with a Swimming pool and get superior comfort in the Luxury AC Cottages. A Multi-Cuisine Restaurant caters to all food cravings you may have. You will be amazed at the craftily designed location of the camps beyond the typical desert surroundings. It will trigger you to inspire your family and close friends to visit the site and experience this fabulous camping arena.


A Camel Safari in Jaisalmer is a Fully-Loaded Experience

Get the maximum advantages on a Camel Safari only possible with Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp. Keep the fun element alive with their desert packages comprising the best lodging, Camel and Jeep Safari, packed with parasailing and quad biking adventures. Throughout this single trip, you get a vivid understanding of the Rajasthani traditions and culture through folk music and dance. Traditional Rajasthani cuisines and drinks and a varied Indian platter keep you satiated and charged up all day. Opt for a camel ride or a camel safari with us to learn more about the rich past of Rajasthan and its royal lineage, and marvel at Jaisalmer’s desert landscape as you progress in this journey.


A Journey Through the Thar Desert on Camel Safari

Most of the Thar Desert or Sam Sand Dunes cover the cities of Jaisalmer and Bikaner in Rajasthan. It forms the most suitable location for a camel ride on the ‘Ship of the Desert’. As you travel through Jaisalmer, miles of dunes shimmering in sunlight greet you, mainly near the Khuri Village. This physical geography has credited Jaisalmer with the ‘Golden City’ tag.   You can spend some fun leisure moments at the dunes if you wish. Get down from the camel and stop by the dunes, playing around soaking your feet deep in the sand. It is a perfect setting for seeking some peaceful moments along your journey.


What to Expect on a Camel Cart Journey in Jaisalmer?

Camel Cart Safari, offered by Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp, takes you through varied, novel experiences in this desert land. The Sam, also called Sam Sand Dune within the Thar desert, lies 45 km from the city. A camel ride shows you the traditional lives of desert folks and how they live through their traditions and customs. It is a fantastic learning experience of how people survive Jaisalmer’s desert surroundings. Travel to locales which can be navigated only on a camel ride but have much to show around Rajasthan’s rich history.


An Enriching Experience on the Camel Safari Ride at Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer

Camel Safari Cost in Jaisalmer is an excellent travel convenience offered by Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp. Tourists may personalize their desert safari itinerary as per requirements. These tours can be a half-day trip or lasting up to seven days at a stretch as one wishes. Nevertheless, as a tourist, you get the best experience of viewing the region’s desert scenery, flora fauna, and people’s traditional life. Only a Camel Safari tour package can make this a reality.


Reserve Your Camel Safari Adventure Right Away

Soak in the scenic beauty of the Thar desert and travel through its splendour only with the Camel Safari Cost in Jaisalmer with the Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp. Embark on your journey through Jaisalmer’s desert and get an incredible camping experience filled with thrill and adventure. Contact on 9413986639 to mark your place at the earliest.

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